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業務内容Provides professional advice that the legal risks facing MetLife Japan. Those risks are appropriately and effectively identified, managed and mitigated, and all important issues are adequately escalated to Japan Legal Head on a timely basis. The complexity and difficulty level depends on experience and the value grade the Lawyer assigned.

Principal Responsibilities:
- Advising professionals on the general legal issues and insurance related matters
- Drafting, reviewing and negotiating legal documentation in both Japanese and English
- Concluding contract documents
- Managing litigation matters
- Providing governance-related advice on Corporate Act
- Managing outside counsel working on legal matters
必須経験・能力1.Relevant Legal Expertise ; As an in-house Lawyer, has knowledge of and experience in a wide range of legal practice areas and understands the legal framework applicable to a Japanese life insurance company.
2.Exceptional Judgment ; Consistently demonstrates excellent judgment in assigned legal matters, including creative problem-solving and effective decision-making. Must be able to win the trust and earn the confidence of Internal Clients and/or outside parties such as legal firms, FSA and etc.
3.Outstanding Communication Skills ; Effectively and accurately conveys complex legal issues to a diverse range of constituencies in a manner appropriately tailored to the relevant audience and context.
4.Business Acumen ; Appreciates the perspective of business leaders. Understands the fundamental operating principles of a life insurance company and can align priorities to the strategic objectives of the business.

(Provide quantitative indicators upon which the job has impact, e.g., earnings, revenue, budget, service levels, etc.)
● Principal departmental work processes include:
・Legal advice to the business
・Contract review
・Litigation management
・Legal support on strategic initiatives and special projects
・Reporting to the regional and global Legal Affairs management team

● Relevant substantive areas of law include:
・Insurance Business Law
・Insurance Product and Sales
・Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law
・Employment Law and HR-Related Matters
・Companies Act/Corporate Governance
・The Civil Code
・Marketing, Advertising and Communications-Related Legal Matters
コメント約9千万人のお客様に保険、年金、従業員福利厚生サービスを提供するグローバル・リーディングカンパニー。子会社および関連 会社を通じて、米国、日本、中南米、アジア、ヨーロッパ、中東においてマーケットリーダーとして事業を展開しています。(2014年4月現在)

創立■1868年 ※中核会社であるメトロポリタン・ライフ・インシュアランス・カンパニー(メトロポリタン生命保険)の設立 営業利益■62億ドル(2013年) 総資産■8,852億ドル(2013年12月末現在) 従業員数■約6万5,000人(全世界、2013年12月末現在)
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